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Crains Detroit Business Interviews Stardock

3/26/2024 1:00:00 PM

'We're the most famous company you've never heard of': A conversation with Michigan's oldest video game developer

By Anna Fifelski

Brad Wardell, 52, founded Stardock Corp. in 1991 as an undergraduate student at Western Michigan University. Decades later, it is the largest software and video game development company in Michigan. Later this year, Stardock will release the fourth version of its simulation game, The Political Machine, as well as an expansion for Galactic Civilizations IV and additional downloadable content. The company has over 30 games on the market as of 2024 and, due to its success, has owned its own building in Plymouth since 2006 after moving out of a leased space.... read the entire article here.

Galactic Civilizations IV: Supernova Edition Released!

10/19/2023 12:00:00 PM

Stardock’s award-winning turn-based strategy game series gets its biggest release ever 

Buy Now:  Steam  |  Epic

Stardock announced the release of Galactic Civilizations IV: Supernova Edition (Supernova) today.  Stardock is celebrating its 30-year anniversary this month with the sequel to the game that started the company back in 1993. 

“This is, by far, the biggest game release we’ve ever done,” said Brad Wardell, founder and CEO of Stardock who returned to design Galactic Civilizations IV: Supernova after handing the reigns to others for Galactic Civilizations III and Galactic Civilizations IV: base game. “We’ve been so fortunate to be able work with our fans to create something that we think strategy game players are going to really appreciate.  You can really tell the love and care that we’ve put into this release.” 

The game takes place shortly after humanity has discovered faster-than-light travel. Earth has united and the stars await.  The player takes on the role of a civilization's leader (Earth or one of the many alien civilizations) to expand their species into the universe and contend with competing civilizations who are doing the same. 

Supernova introduces many firsts for PC gaming including AlienGPT, a generative AI technology trained on Stardock’s own art portfolio that allows players to describe their own custom civilization, and generates not just what the civilization looks like, but its background, lore, galactic events and interactions with other civilizations. 

Other new features include Terror Stars, a new end game technology that causes enemy stars to go Supernova, a new mission system, an interactive tutorial, new victory paths, a new core neutral AI opponent system, a host of new alien civilizations with their own tech trees to play as or against, an artifact Vault and hundreds of other additions and enhancements. 

Having done a lot of games in early access over the years, we’ve never had a game receive the kind of positive, enthusiastic response this has,” said Wardell. “With the community, we’ve taken a top to bottom look at how strategy games in 2023 should play and made dramatic improvements as a result. In the past couple of years, the ability to collaborate online has really changed, which has fundamentally altered the way we make games, and the end results are clearly on display in Supernova. 

Stardock has also enhanced the modding and multiplayer functionality in Supernova.  Cooperative multiplayer has been added and a new integrated modding system lets players upload their own factions, starship designs and more. 

Galactic Civilizations IV: Supernova can be found on Steam and Epic. Epic customers can upgrade from Galactic Civilizations IV to Supernova at a discount. The list price is $49.99. 

GalCiv IV: Supernova
GalCiv IV: Supernova
GalCiv IV: Supernova
GalCiv IV: Supernova
GalCiv IV: Supernova
GalCiv IV: Supernova
GalCiv IV: Supernova
GalCiv IV: Supernova

Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion v1.98 Now Available

8/23/2023 1:00:00 PM

Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion v1.98 introduces extended ranges, refined abilities, and more. Forge alliances, sharpen your tactics, and rise as the ultimate cosmic conqueror.

Get Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion now


Enhanced Firepower and Tactical Tweaks

Anti-fighter frigates from the TEC, Advent, and Vasari factions now come with extended weapon ranges, enabling you to engage enemies from a greater distance. Abilities have been adjusted, including the TEC Light Frigate's Sabotage Antimatter ability, which now has a longer cooldown and a more impactful effect.


Faction Dynamics and Tactical Mastery

Faction dynamics have been fine-tuned for a more balanced experience. The Advent Deliverance Engine now capitalizes on stacked allegiance effects, giving your faction a stronger edge. Additionally, the TEC Akkan's Armistice ultimate ability has been upgraded to halt passive regeneration.


Unlocking Challenges and Starbase Refinements

TEC Supply Pact now requires Basic Provisioning technology to unlock. Meanwhile, the Self Destruct ability of TEC starbases has been revamped with a longer delay, adjusted range, and modified damage, adding a new layer of strategy.


Galactic Harmony and Balance

Even amidst the vast expanse of space, balance is crucial. The Unstable Gas Pockets modifier has been recalibrated to leave strikecraft unaffected, ensuring a fair playing field.


Forge alliances, sharpen your tactics, and rise as the ultimate cosmic conqueror.

Get Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion now


v1.98 Changelog:

[confluence title=""]https://stardock.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SDEnt/pages/1558020152/Sins+of+a+Solar+Empire+Rebellion+v1.98+Change+Log[/confluence]

Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion v1.97 is Now Available

7/26/2022 10:00:00 AM

Ironclad Games and Stardock release Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion v1.97


  • All localizations are now part of the base game.
  • Language can be changed via the in-game options. We strongly recommend restarting the game after changing language to update cached strings.
  • Changed hardware cursor to be the default; this prevents crashes with some systems.
  • All online interactions are now encrypted.
  • Misc. other stability fixes.

Note: If you took part in the pre-release opt-in, make sure you change your ICO Server Port back to 8000.

Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion v1.96 Released

6/22/2021 11:04:00 AM

Ironclad Games and Stardock are pleased to announce the release of version 1.96 for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion today. The full change log can be found at:


Rebellion Reviews

The reviews are in!


"Scroll smoothly from a single fighter out to a god's-eye view of a cluster of stars gives an unmatched sense of scale."



"Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion will happily strip-mine your life of its free time."



"Rebellion is the best way yet to experience the strategic joys of the Sins of a Solar Empire franchise."


Strategy Informer

"...this is the ultimate version of Sins of a Solar Empire, this is a very good 4X space strategy game..."


Quarter to Three

"Rebellion is nearly as revolutionary with its new subfactions, and it’s easily as revolutionary with its new victory conditions."


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